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PhemexTrade gives you the freedom to trade cryptocurrency assets with zero risks. The platform gives you full control over your assets on market. Sign up now to enjoy the full benefits.

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The cryptocurrency market is a decentralised digital currency network, which means that it operates through a system of peer-to-peer transaction checks, rather than a central server. When cryptocurrencies are bought and sold, the transactions are added to the blockchain – a shared digital ledger which records data.

  • Create your trading account with ease
  • Trade with account types tailored for your needs
  • High Risk management in every trade
  • Leaverage every trade to earn way higher with less risk
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How it Works

Becoming a Trader has never been easier

Create an Account

Provide all the necessary details to setup your account. An account will enable you place trades on our winning platform.

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  • Step 01.

Make a Deposit

Make a deposit on your newly created account. It is advisable you follow a plan to enable you leverage all the resources that comes with your chosen plan

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Start Trading

Once your account is set up, you are open to our trading system. There are an array of assets you could trade. Enjoy!!!

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Live Cryptocurrency Rates

Read live prices and data from the top cryptocurrency assets

Our Valuable Clients

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" I think their support is great. It lagged a little but the support itself which i requested for was professionally delivered and i had smiles afterwards. I wish others would emulate PhemexTrade mode of operation. At this pace, i see PhemexTrade becoming the traders number one choice in no time. I just hope they keep maintaining the standard and pace they already set. "

- Gene B. Hall Auckland, New Zealand

" Investing in PhemexTrade is very safe and secure, PhemexTrade is quickly setting a standard for others to copy although there is still room for a little improvement. It still remains my number one choice for trading. PhemexTrade has found a way to integrate ease of deposit, top notch security and quick withdrawal into their platform and is now my number one choice for trading. This is a platform that stands out and is a recommendation for all. "


" Trading on PhemexTrade is very smooth and I haven’t experienced even a single slippage while using it. This was a problem I encountered with some other big names, PhemexTrade is relatively easy to use and is loaded with the right tools for trading. It easily earned 5 star rating from me. "

- Nazim Mustafa Dubai, United Arab Emirates

" PhemexTrade ha encontrado una manera de integrar la facilidad de depósito, la seguridad de la ranura superior y la retirada rápida en su cubierta y ahora es mi opción número uno para el comercio. Esta es una plataforma que destaca y es una recomendación para todos, un gran apoyo y entrega profesional, conjuntos de PhemexTrade además de otros y me gustaría que otros emularan su modo de operación. Todo lo que queda para que PhemexTrade se conozca entre los grandes prospectos es mantener el estándar que ya ha marcado. "


" Ich wurde vor ein paar Monaten auf (TradeAlfa) Handelsplattform eingeführt und vor dieser Zeit verhandelte ich sowohl in eToro und binance. Ich musste aufhören und nur mit TradeAlfa übernehmen, nachdem ich entdeckt hatte, dass eine bessere Handelsumgebung und Gebühren, Ich denke, Ihre Unterstützung ist groß. Er bekam ein wenig, aber die Unterstützung, die ich bat, wurde professionell geliefert und ich hatte ein Lächeln danach. Ich wünschte, die anderen würden auch den TradeAlfa-Modus emulieren. "

- MICA R. TRAUGOTT Berlin, Germany

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